Saturday, March 6, 2021


red dry wine

Liepouris – Red Wine Not Merely A Drink, But A Medicine

Red wine has been studied extensively and evidence suggests that moderate consumption may help people live longer, protect against certain cancers, improve mental health, and enhance heart health. Millenia ago, wine was used to...
verginis - graviera cheese

Verginis – Graviera Cheese From Crete

Graviera is a cheese produced in various parts of Greece, mostly in the islands of Crete, Lesbos and Naxos, but also in western mainland Greece in Amfilochia. It is not to be confused with...


5 Luxury Destinations Around The World

Hotels and restaurants across the globe are constantly thinking about ways to push the boundaries of luxury travel. If you have some disposable dollars...


Critida – Greek Label Awards 2019

Bio Cretan Olive Oil Ltd ‘’Critida’’ once again won a gold prize for its organic extra virgin olive oil 0.2 label. The ceremony for...

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organic farming

Organic Comes With Integrity As Standard?

We live in a world where our food and drink supply chains have a degree of anonymity,” Lee Holdstock of the Soil Association told...
Food and drink products-rising prices

The impacts of evolving consumer preference

Shopper habits are ever changing and with rising prices across Europe, consumers are now adopting new traits when shopping for food and beverage products....
Yogurt powder sales opportunity

Yogurt Powder Sales Opportunity

Yogurt Powder Manufacturers Eyeing Sales Opportunities in High-protein Product Innovations, Finds a New FMI Study The approximately US$ 200 million market for yogurt powder will...
Organic food

Food Trends 2020 And Beyond

Industry press, blogs and social media are always full of predictions about what consumers will be looking for in their food and drink products...