Markets within Europe may show a high level of saturation, with tough competition and little dynamism and yet, Europe to date still offers significant business opportunities for producing SMEs.

While companies embark on their journey to explore these opportunities, the most significant and unexpected challenge they encounter, other than the language barrier, is the lack of homogeneity of the various (otherwise unified) markets within the EU.

In addition, attempts to evade cost-intensive market development on the ground, ends too often with a cruel awakening and the rather costly lesson that there is no room for half-hearted undertakings, especially under the present conditions of full competition.

On the other hand, SMEs interested in developing their exports towards European markets have neither the financial capacities nor the human resources to establish a presence in the new markets. Besides, forming and maintaining export teams or establishing links with local partners takes years and usually a high investment.

In order to help overcome the above challenges, Axis Blueschild has worked out a comprehensive export development proposition, “Europe – All in One”, which offers the possibility for our clients to develop their exports in currently up to 25 European markets through one partnership, in conjunction with our local qualified teams.

The most striking and convincing advantage of the “Europe – All in One” proposition is the significant cost reduction of export development per market, achieved through the unique splitting of the setup, management and overhead costs, which pushes the actual cost far below the levels of any existing alternative when it comes to export development.

The concept of bundling export development, while approaching markets individually with local teams, forms an innovative and unique business proposition. It is typically addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises, interested to boost their exports efficiently, within a reasonable financial budget.