Evonymon – Fine Olive Oil For Fine Tastes

The microclimate of Messinia region in Peloponnese favors the cultivation of Koroneiki olive tree variety. The diversity of the landscape, with valleys and hills, creates microclimates that yield olive oils with different characteristics. Trees are usually not watered, which results in fruits with very high concentrations of antioxidants. “Apia” extra virgin fine olive oil is a product of “Evonymon” company from this region.

A medium fruity extra virgin fine olive oil, with aromas of green and ripe olive fruit and leaf, it is mild, slightly bitter, with medium pungency. Citrus aromas and a hint of pepper are also perceived. The product is characterized by increased concentration of polyphenols. 100% pure olive juice, cold pressed within a few hours from harvesting and certified by official laboratory and panel, it is a fine choice for any consumer no matter how demanding in taste.