Tanis Foods – Fresh Ideas On Frozen Food

Frozen food is generally considered of lower quality standards than fresh products, fit for mass consumption and attractive only due to its lower price tag. Especially in a time and age when a healthy diet constitutes a worldwide ever-increasing trend, it would seem there is even less room for frozen products in the global food market. Nevertheless there are some fresh ideas on frozen food.

One more reason why Greece would seem like an unlikely candidate to emerge as a frozen food producer is the fact that greek F&B products are almost always associated with freshness and traditional recipes, in what is globally best known as a mediterranean diet. What would it take then for a country to change long established views on its production capabilities and overall direction?

A fine example would be “Tanis Foods”. A company which aims to change views on Greek frozen products by bringing into the game a superweapon: continuous innovation in processing fresh raw materials into frozen delicacies targeted at every and all consumer tastes and eating habits. Not many frozen food producers around the globe can boast about having a dedicated R&D department, anyway.

Into the future

The family owned food business was set up back in 1992 in one of the major agricultural areas of Macedonia in Northern Greece near the town of  Skydra. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and custom-made equipment, “Tanis Foods” has rapidly expanded in recent years.

Based on its 27 years of know-how, the company is now heading into a new era, in the hopes of bringing to the international market what greek customers have already been accustomed too. Namely, new, innovative products in a wide variety of shapes and forms and a handfull of taste combinations bringing together greek/mediterrenean and international cuisine.

Quality is paramount

Constantly looking for new ways to combine and convert fresh yet simple raw materials into enjoyable dishes is only one part of the equation for every company seeking to make a name for itself in the frozen food sector. The other part is finding the best raw materials. Hence, the company prides itself in having its people travel throughout Greece looking for select certified producers, choosing the best crops of Greek land and incorporating them into new products. A recipe for success as far as every frozen food producer is concerned.