Start-up food makers and newcomer brands are shaking up the food industry thanks to their close relationship with rapidly emerging consumer demands. Multinational giants are steadily losing ground to smaller brands, as people are seeking out products they view as authentic. The story behind a product is also rising in importance.

Tell your story

Technology plays a vital role in spurring a fundamental shift on how consumers interact with the brands they support and trust, as well as lowering barriers of entry to the global market for start-ups. Transparency and authenticity have gone mainstream. People nowadays want to stay informed on the food they consume, where it’s from, how it’s made.

Consumers today are always online, demanding sophisticated flavours from all over the world, changing how people shop, as well as supermarket ranging and procurement strategies. “Ethnic” food is now global food. People expect food and flavor options that draw inspiration from cultures and culinary traditions around the world.

Taste and nutrition

Consumers no longer expect a trade-off between taste and nutrition. Products must meet high sensory expectations, while always taking health and nutrition into account. No wonder then that “no added sugar” labels are making a comeback, as people are starting to pay close attention to their sugar intake.

Consumer packaged goods for snacking are entering a new stage as “family” suggestions, driven by demand from millennial consumers in particular, who are looking for fresh, nutritious options for themselves and the childrens’ snacks. This trend is reflected in the changing layout of grocery stores, with retailers dedicating more space to packaged fresh and/or traditional snacks.

High expectations

That is what a newly-founded Greek company brings to the table. “Filema”, which is Greek for “a treat given out of love”, is a company established in early 2019 in Athens, that sets its own bar too high: “We are here to make and offer extraordinary products. We are continually concentrating on innovating […] We believe that we need to own and create the best product so as to participate in markets where we can make a huge contribution”. That bold claim seems to have resonated with consumers beyond Greek borders, as in the few months of its existence “Filema” goods, mainly breadsticks and honey bars, are already reaching european markets.