Vantana – Liquer Made Exclusively In Greece

Tentura, the tradition drink of Patra, made from cinnamon, carnation and some family secrets, drink frozen any time.

Tentoura classic Greek liqueur. Its name derives from “tentuires alcooliques” and “tintura”, that is solutions-extractions of aromatic materials in alcohol, to bring out their flavor and stabilize their color. It was in Patras, a major Greek port and a naval gate to western Europe, that distillers undetook the effort of fusing alcohol with aromatic herbs and spices that seafarers carried from the east.

That is also the story of Panagiotis Vantanas, who in 1904 established a distillery by the same name, started making his tentoura, which was then also called “moskovolithra”, roughly the equivalent of “fragrant” in the local dialect. This exceptional quality liqueur from cinnamon and clove extractions, in tons of nutmeg and soft presence of citrus fruits is now “Vantana DistilleryTentoura 1950 Especial”. Ideally served as an after-dinner liqueur and pleasant as a long drink.