Threpsi – Mediterranean Sea in a jar

One of the unfortunate consequences for every consumer trend is that people tend to overexploit some aspects of certain products or even falsify the true origin of them, in an attempt to make an extra buck. Such is the case with salt, which is essential for life in general and one of the oldest and most ubiquitous food seasonings.

Lately, Himalayan salt, a rock salt or halite, from the tallest mountain range in the planet has become the apple of the eye for every healthy eating enthusiast. To the point, no less, that this pinkish salt, coloured due to mineral impurities, has been claimed to provide numerous health benefits; claims for which no scientific support exists.

If we were to believe that all pink salt sold worldwide was truly Himalayan, then Everest should be shorter by a few hundred meters as a result of all the salt mining. Fortunately, Greek natural sea salt faces no such problem. With a coastilne -most of it in pristine condition- of almost 16,000 km, Greece is in no danger of running out of sea salt.

That is how a Greek company, “Mediterranean Threpsi”, makes its “Sea Salt Flakes”. Collected by hand in a traditional way from natural stone basins in the rocky coastline of Mani area in the Peloponnese, sea salt is naturally sun-dried without any additives. That is the purest and most precious of salts, meant to upgrade all your dishes to an excellent taste.