“Pure Crete”. That is how the region of Apokoronas in the northeastern corner of Chania prefecture in the largest Greek island is called and rightfully so. If there is one place that encapsulates the spirit, history and tradition of the island, Apokoronas at the foothills of the White Mountains is it, offerring pure mediterranean taste. First of all because it is one of greenest parts of Crete and contains some of the most interesting sights, such as Lake Kournas, the island’s only freshwater lake, picturesque villages and small beach resorts. Secondly, because the land remains unspoiled and its traditional way of life authentic. Just like its people and its products.


Apokoronas is everything we bear in mind when we think of Crete. Images, music, tradition, aromas and mostly, the taste of food. Agriculture is a way of life instead of simply an income source. It is practiced with love and respect as the main objective is to feed the family, not to make money. What a consumer of local products enjoys is what Apokoronians put at their family table every day. Local products come from family estates instead of massive farming businesses. That is why they are unique.

To serve a purpose

One such local family-owned producer is “The Apokoronian Origins” brand which aims to offer new experiences and alternatives in healthy nutrition and a sense of well-being to those who seek to discover them. Premium quality, unique design and everything at affordable prices.

As they would say, “we are here to provide added value, innovation and differentiation, not just one more product or service. Through ‘the Apokoronian origins’ we are building a new, purposeful brand. A Greek brand from Apokoronas, in Chania, Crete, consisting of two main pillars with a direct synergy. A basket of carefully selected, 100% natural local agricultural products, such as extra virgin olive oil, natural honey, native wild herbs, traditional vinegar dressings, as well as a gastronomic and cultural journey, a taste of Apokoronas itself, its everyday life, customs, food, recipes”.

“Our vision is to offer a taste of Crete through our products, and it is crystal clear like fresh water from the springs of the White Mountains, here in Apokoronas!”, is their closing punchline. Well, who could argue with that?