Samaria – Spring Mountain Water

Greece has been blessed by nature with enormous freshwater reserves, inversely proportional to the country's size. Be it mountain springs, groundwater, rivers or lakes, there are only a handful of places where drinking water is at a scarcity. If then, as they say, water is life, then the largest Greek island of Crete is brimming with life

According to Greek mythology, the father of the gods Zeus himself used to visit the White Mountains of Crete in order to quench his thirst with their crystal clear spring mountain water. White Mountains consist of several enchanting peaks, gorges and countless caves, thus occupying the greatest part of the Cretan Chania region. These features have protected the White Mountains from human intervention and preserved the natural characteristics of the land, keeping it impervious to pollution.


Amidst their overwhelming mass lies Samaria Gorge, which is considered one of the most magnificent and beautiful sights in Europe. It is a recognized natural habitat with rich and unique flora and fauna and over 20 crystal clear natural water springs. It is there at the foothills of the White Mountains near the village of Stylos that “ETANAP” company, under the brandname “Samaria”, draws its exquisite spring mountain water from, bottling it without any treatment in one of the most modern bottling plants of Greece, which is quite a feat, mind you, and offering it to consumers unaltered.

40 years of experience

The company was established back in 1978 and began operations in 1980. Today it bottles and trades its signature product, “Samaria” water, not only domestically but across the four corners of the world, with its main export markets being Cyprus, Kosovo, Netherlands, Germany, Kuwait, Djibouti, China, USA and Australia.

It has won several prestigious awards and certifications in Greece and abroad, but also the trust of the Greek and US army, with whom there is long history of cooperation. The main products under the “Samaria” brandname are still/mineral water, carbonated water and carbonated flavored water.

Samaria Carbonated Water. Fresh water or soft drink? You decide!

Greek bottled water, carbonated or not, is considered to be one of the best in the world. Its unique quality and the reforms that have taken place in the packaging sector of domestic businesses are factors that have made Greek water a significant competitor internationally. The goal is to provide a bottled product that remains unaltered through processing, preserving all of its natural qualities and health benefits, whether they play a preventative or recessive role in confronting a number of diseases.

That is what “Samaria Carbonated Water” is all about; more of a soft drink than just a bottle of water, it comes from natural springs in the foothills of the White Mountains of Crete. Hydro-geological studies in the area have shown that the aquifer is surrounded by limestone formations that do not allow water movement through their mass, therefore it is protected from surface water and hence from potential pollution. Enjoy freely!