The superfood that is pomegranate is making a new comeback in recent years as more and more producers turn to this product in an effort to supply an ever-expanding global market. Greek pomegranates, highly appreciated worldwide for their premium quality, could not stay out of the “race” for healthier consumer products.

Homemade, family-run

“Ode to Pomegranate” came to be in 2014 in the picturesque town of Elassona in the agricultural heartland of Central Greece. It was there in “Pouta Estate” that a family-owned and family-run business was established. What was earlier a small pomegranate orchard came to be a flexible production and processing unit, ranging from organic farming to end product. Thus, “Ode to Pomegranate” bridged the gap between small producers and customers.

With homemade recipes and organically cultivated pomegranates of the internationally renowned “Wonderful” variety, “Ode to Pomegranate” produces pomegranate juice and marmalade, chutney, BBQ sauce, dressing and syrup. Their main export markets are Germany and France, although domestic demand is high.

Why organic?

As the producers themselves explain: “Our fields are free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. We use only organic fertilizers as provided by the rules of organic agriculture. This way we offer consumers fresh, tasty and pure food while respecting the environment and the natural life cycle of ecosystems. Our crops are tested and certified as organic by Q-check Bio”.

Competitive advantage

If a producer seeks to stand out among competitors, good fruit and traditional cultivation will not suffice. That is why “Ode to Pomegranate” implements high quality standards during all stages of production. Throughout the process there is no use of any form of additives, such as sugar and colorants, any kind of preservative, nor dilution of the product.

To ensure the desired outcome nowadays one also needs specialized partnerships. Thus, scientific data, advice and analyzes are being provided by the Food Engineering and Agricultural Products Processing Laboratory in the Department of Biosystems Engineering at Thessaly Technological Institute in cooperation with RENOVA company’s research and innovation in food technology.