The Greek cuisine, with its variety of excellent quality ingredients, carefully selection and the extremely useful mixes which encapsulate the expertise of centuries, takes top place in the international culture of preference choices.Greeks approach food with a combination of severity and nostalgia, inevitably thinking back to the dishes they were raised on.

They do not eat to live yet instead live to eat, and also a dish is often a social, convivial occasion, which revives the original meaning of friendship.

From ancient times to today, Greek consuming routines have actually transformed so significantly that it’s hard to summarise the gastronomic culture of the country in a couple of words.

Fresh fish and seafood is usually the basic ingredients of Greek cuisine.

Common attributes are the superb raw ingredients as well as flavors particular to Greece: oregano, thyme, bay leaves, rosemary, lemon, as well as, of course, olive oil.

Great meat produced by tiny farmers, fresh fish and seafood, dairy items which are approved worldwide, healthy and balanced fresh veggies offered with great white wine, and tasty fruits all serving to produce a kaleidoscope of tastes.

One thing has actually constantly been real: the emphasis on genuine raw components, unadulterated and also grown up locally- easy recipes, prepared gradually as well as without picky sauces, seasoned with natural herbs and olive oil instead of exotic spices, with love and also creative imagination.

The massive number of the Aegean islands, one of the largest and most essential island collection worldwide, is a land created from the sun, the sea and the refreshing wind.

Sunset on Santorini island

The specific microclimate of each island has actually contributed to the development of unique products, some of which can not be located anywhere else worldwide.

Thus, each island is its own special cooking paradise.