Drinks trends never stand still and innovation seems to continue space. Mixologist at The Really Great Brand Company, Marson Strydom shares the latest trends that are set to capture the attention this year.

Less is more

Over-the-top cocktails and sugary concoctions are fizzling out as mixologists turn back the clock and serve the classics. Gone are the days of frivolous garnishes and flavour enhancers that dilute a drink for what it is. Savouring a simple, classic drink allows us to appreciate its true taste and quality.

Healthy alternatives

The growth of a health and wellness culture has spilled over into the liquor market. As consumers become more aware of what they put into their bodies, there is a greater need for high-quality, low alcohol by volume (ABV) and alcohol-free products.

We have already seen a rise in non-alcoholic products on shelves – even the launch of an alcohol-free drinking festival to celebrate sobriety – as well as low-calorie spritzers and mixes. You can expect this healthy trend to grow.


Alcoholic beverages are increasingly being packaged in ready-to-drink (RTD) varieties to satisfy consumers’ needs for convenience. One-litre bottles and two-litre mixes are making way for easy-to-handle innovations like gin-in-a-tin and pocket-sized spirits for consumption on the go.

No longer do you have to carry around multiple mixes and ingredients to make a drink, because it’s all conveniently canned.

Conscious consumption

Consumers are basing buying decisions not only to quench their thirst – albeit with a kick – but also on whether a brand aligns with their lifestyles. While ‘low calorie’ and ‘alcohol-free’ are important factors, sustainability is seemingly the number one drawcard when choosing products.

Local is lekker

There’s a growing culture among local brands that embrace South African culture and local ingredients. We pride ourselves on our locally produced products with local ingredients.

Our unique flora – like the renosterbos that is used to produce our Wixworth Gin – is envied among distilleries around the world, and there is no reason why our spirits shouldn’t be either.

The popularity of gin

Gin is still on the rise and will be for a while. We’ll see new gins come and go over the next two years, along with up and coming craft spirits like spiced and botanical rums, but we’ll also see gins form a solid foundation that will carry them for years to come.

Consumers will fall back into their comfort zone and purchase what they are most confident in – the classic gins like Wixworth that have withstood all the trials.

Source: Independent Online