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For climbers:
While being in the mountains, in high altitudes the food that you can have is very low in nutrients, as nothing grows here. In those situations having with us the special mountain package of “Global Food World” literally saved our lives.

The only way to reach Everest is with a flight from Katmandu to Lukla. A plane that can fit up to 10 people and is landing in the most dangerous airport, very narrow in between the mountains. Then the road is only hiking. In order to manage to reach Everest basecamp there are many stops that you have to take and stay in lodges in different villages so that you can have what we call acclimatization.  Altitude sickness is hard and can hit anyone, lowers your oxygen, short of breath, headache, brain confusion and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Most important the food!
All goods are being transferred to Lukla by plane or helicopter and from then to villages by portes. Portes are some young guys that they carry in steep and difficult paths from 40 to 120 kg. You can check some videos and stories about them at Instagram account @globalfootprintsjourney.
So since the distribution is that much difficult there are no fruits transferred and the food is low in nutrients.
The only way to get some nutrients is to have fruits dried, energy bars or canned products that you trust.

Our food package “Filema” bars and sticks, “Multifoods” power gems and mini bars, “3alfa” ready made cooked lentils and beans. “3alfa” lentils has been very important as well, because in mountains your body can maybe lower iron as it consumes it to make more red blood cells w being at higher altitudes. Premenopausal menstruating women also have low iron bc always trying to make red blood cells to make up for lost blood w periods. Usually climbers and especially women normally take a multivitamin with iron while being there.
We were able to cook and enjoy “Gaia Greek” trahana & kritharoto which really got us stronger. The possibility of getting sick in the mountains is very high, so good food and drinks are important so that you can recover.

Herbal teas of “Eva’s walk” from Creta mountains have been healing our bodies that much so that we recovered without any medicines.

Global Food World” mountain package for climbers’ strength! 

Looking forward to our next adventure with another package from Hellas food world.
Our team : Eva, Izak, Juju & Ben
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You will be able to meet us and our super products in our exhibition this December in Germany where we will project our documentary Everest story.
Many thanks to the spacious Coco-Mat Germany shop for its courteous offering to host us for a 3 day exhibition.
Stay tuned!