So2Go – Better safe than sorry

It is everyone’s wish to enjoy preservative-free wine or other spirits. That wish comes true, thanks to the innovative minds of a family-owned company from Perth of West Australia. Their product “SO2GO” is a safe & natural solution that is used by winemakers the world over to lower or eliminate sulphur preservatives, otherwise known as Sulphites/Sulfites. It removes Free Sulphur Dioxide levels in wine, champagne, beer, cider and even fruit juices. Better safe than sorry. It will not affect the taste of your drink at all, except perhaps, to enhance it by “breathing” the wine. Now you can enjoy pure wine with no side effects, without having to buy expensive so called “preservative free” or “organic wines”, since all wines contain sulphur, no matter what their label claims.

Simply add “SO2GO”, wine preservative neutraliser, to your wine prior to drinking, using the handy spray bottle. The 5ml spray bottle is for a glass of wine and will treat a minimum of 20 standard glasses, equal to four 750ml bottles. You simply put 2 sprays per glass and give the glass a swirl. You can now enjoy pure wine without high levels of preservatives, which may trouble people suffering with allergies and reactions to the preservatives in wine and other drinks containing Sulphites. “SO2GO” removes the Sulphite  preservatives harmlessly and effectively, ensuring preservative-free wine.