Xrisi Stagona – Suits Every Taste

Olive paste is one of the most ubiquitous food ingredients. Spread it over bread, crostini or any other dough product you like, stuff it into puff pastry, serve it garnished over soup, put it into a sandwich, mix it into a dressing base, thin it into pesto for pasta, spread it over pizza, rub it over meat, mix it into bread or savory pastry dough, even into ground meat; It could suits every taste. What matters is that an ingredient as simple as ground olive fruits can be so popular not only for its superb taste, but also for its nutritional properties and its high value in contemporary healthy diets.

Even better than that, is a paste made from Kalamata Olives, the most tasteful variety of Mediterranean olive groves and often referred to as the “Greek olives”, which have distinctive taste and appearance, being oval shaped, of dark purple color, big size, intense flavor and fleshy texture. These hand-picked olives of superior quality are what makes “Kalamata Black Olives Paste”, a product of Athens-based company “Xrisi Stagona”, a true delicacy that suits every taste.