Pies, i.e. “pites”, were an all-time favourite in Greece for millenia. But, at certain historically challenging times they became a nutritional necessity. It is a dish that helped feed large families when food was scarce, and indeed many Greek pies require just a few, very basic ingredients that families almost always had on hand: a little flour and olive oil, cheese, some greens one could forage for on a moment’s notice. The undisputed pita champion. It is the culinary art of creating something fantastic out of almost nothing! That is the main reason why such a plethora of pies exists in Greek diet. Every ingredient had to be used in order to make a healthy wholesome meal.

There are, thus, literally hundreds of different types of pies. Some are rectangular, some coiled, some shaped like sticks, and some folded into small triangles. Some are salty, some are sweet. Every Greek region has some form of pie made from local cheese combined usually with local greens. Nevertheless, traditional “tyropita”, or cheese pie, is a staple of Greek cuisine, even if the type of cheese or the shape of dough and other ingredients may vary in recipes from place to place.

Nowadays, consumers across the world are able to taste the purest traditional Greek pie in the form of delicious packets of crispy phyllo pastry wrapped around a savory cheese filling. A handmade Greek traditional product of premium quality, fresh-frozen “Cheese Pie” under the brandname “Verga Pastry” is offering excellent taste in an easy to cook package, becoming the undisputed pita champion.