In the last years, the distinction between major, mature markets and emerging, more easy markets has disappeared. In most of the markets there is a hard competition with strong players.

In this difficult environment, the key to success for your exports is the proposition you make to your potential clients or partners in the markets abroad. The claim of a “strong product” is not sufficient to get their attention. In the end, all companies make the same claim.

What makes the difference today, is a proposition “beyond the product”. Clients and distribution partners expect innovative support in terms of product development consultancy, flexibility for product adjustments, common development of marketing concepts and other supportive initiatives. These are the keys to achieve a branded development, to get you out of the price trap and to open the prospects of a profitable positioning in the markets.

A second important aspect is the efficient communication of your value proposition. As the decision makers become overwhelmed with promotion mails every day, they spend for a quick overlook very often just few seconds before they put them into the waste basket. So you have to communicate your proposition to the point and to get their attention in this short time frame.