Eleokarpos – A Part Of Mediterranean Diet

The problem with tomatoes is that they deteriorate rapidly after being picked due to their high moisture content. Removing the water through drying preserves them while retaining their flavour. Sun-drying is economical, but the process can be tricky because it needs a specific temperature range. Nevertheless, sun-dried tomatoes are packed with nutrients that deliver multiple health benefits. “Eleokarpos Kleolia Organic Sundried Tomato Dip” is a product willing to take that promise to the next level by offering a unique organic dip of premium quality. As for the taste, just check the ingredients: sundried tomato, water, agave, apple-cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, garlic, ginger juice, chili, basil. To best enjoy it lay some breadsticks, chips, cheese or anything else that tickles your fancy on the table next to your dip.