Fragiadakis family – Pure honey from Cretan Mountains

Medicine from the mountains. That is how Minoans of ancient Crete but also in other parts of Greece referred to honey. Even Hippocrates considered it not only food but above all else medicine. Thousands of years ago Greeks had already diagnosed the therapeutic value of honey and recommended a variety of applications for it.

If you were to walk into any Cretan home, you would be sure to find a large pot of the best honey, not purchased at the supermarket, but locally produced, offered as a gift from a beekeeping acquaintance or family friend. One such product is “Aoritiko” honey of “Fragiadakis Family” brand, which roughly translates “from the mountains” in the local dialect of Crete. This unprocessed honey is gathered by bees in the mountains ranges of Crete, areas with dense flora of local herbs, with nectar and pollen from wild herbs and flowers.