Thracian Pasta – Greek Spicy Culture

Greek imagination and creativity have been an inspiration for pasta’s names, as well as for their different shapes despite being crafted with the same raw material. In mainland Greece, a staple of traditional cuisine is the renowned “trachanas”, which roughly translates as “coarse dough”, due to its irregular shape and size; sweet or sour, thick or thin, with semolina, flour, or bulgur wheat, with butter, milk or tomato, it is a must-have dish during the cold winter days and nights. It is served neat, as a thin or thick soup, sprinkled with chunks of feta cheese, cooked along side with vegetables and legumes, accompanied by meat, or as a filling in pies and in dolmadakia dish.

Trachanas is truly appreciated as it is very nutritious and is even served as breakfast in the countryside. The one made with vegetable pulp, flour or semolina is usually prefered during the lent period. There is no doubt that Greece holds a leading position as the country with the biggest variety of trachanas worldwide. In Thrace it is traditionally made with sesame and red pepper flakes. One such product is “Trachanas with Vegetables Chili” made by the family company “Thracian Pasta”, using fresh, local ingredients with natural sweeteners, no added aromas, dye, additives or preservatives and with reduced salt, making it the perfect healthy dish for a family table, but also for a vegan and/or vegetarian diet.