The world consists of many amazing cuisines, but one that seems to be in the top ranks is French. To many, France’s cuisine is very traditional and has created many meals and desserts that people around the world enjoy. It’s also inspired many cuisines to add new flavors and touches to their own meals. However, to discover if this is really the best in the world, there are a few things that need to be noted. This article will dive more into the meals, pastries, and drinks this cuisine offers to find out if in fact it is the best.

What Does “The Best” Mean?

The first thing to consider is what exactly the word “best” means in culinary arts. This term will vary among people due to the variety of different tastes, however, when it comes to meals, there are a few things that are looked at:

  • Flavor
  • Creativity
  • Color
  • Smell

While many meals around the world include these things, this type goes above and beyond with these. It makes you use all of your senses when you eat it. It also keeps a great blend between traditional and modern ones for all to enjoy, which is unlike many other types which sometimes abandon traditional meals for new ones.

It’s Techno-Emotional

While this might be a strange term to use, it’s one of the best to define the meals of France. Techno-emotional means that meals have been passed down throughout generations and still are currently used. This is quite evident in the meals here as a traditional dish still shines even in the midst of new modern ones from restaurants. However, these new meals also push culinary boundaries and try to awaken all of your senses like your sight, smell, and taste.

You’ll find that many modern meals from restaurants include vibrant colors, a mixture of textures, and strange combinations that surprisingly end up tasting delicious together – all of which come from the imagination of a local chef.

Even though it advances all the time with different techniques, this type still remains rooted in its traditional meals which is just one reason why it is one of the best.

Techniques Used

One reason the meals are so flavorful is because of the unique techniques used. The French have come up with amazing techniques like flambeing, braising, poaching, and sautéing. These add an incredible burst of texture and flavor to meats, vegetables, and other ingredients. This culinary type wants to bring out as much flavor as possible with its meals and isn’t afraid to try new things to get it.

Common Meal Components

This food has a wide variety of tastes, but with many meals you’ll find that they often use the same ingredients in them. Typically, a meal will include cheese, baguettes, butter, herbs, and olive oil.

Fresh Ingredients

While many might think a diet high in such fats might be unhealthy, it isn’t. The French paradox is a well-known way to describe the fact that the French have a low heart disease rate even though they eat pounds of cheese and butter every year. This is due to these fats being produced locally and naturally. The dairy products are produced by grass-fed cows that are fed natural diets and allowed to wander around in open fields. This means that the ingredients are fresh and the cows are hormone-free which makes these natural dairy products very healthy to consume.


Besides having fresh dairy products, the meals are also created with locally grown and raised fruits, vegetables, and meats that are sold at outdoor markets. These markets are opened almost daily and are a way to ensure that only the best and freshest ingredients are used in a meal. If you’re visiting Paris you can often take walking tours to experience the markets in the way a local would. Many even are created for families so children can travel around them and learn more about how these meals emphasize the importance of local and fresh ingredients.


Bakeries play a large part in these meals. Almost every meal requires a slice of bread alongside it and it can’t be just any type of bread, it has to often be a baguette and freshly-made that day. Bread is not only eaten for dinner, but it often used for breakfasts and snacks. Bakers have to keep busy making fresh croissants, baguettes, and brioches daily. You’ll often find that a local restaurant often buys bread from them to use with their meals.

Besides bread, bakeries also pay close attention to desserts. Crème brûlée, macaroons, and éclairs are made daily and are a great way to end a meal. Many cuisines today often neglect desserts because they’re considered unhealthy, but not this one. Desserts play a huge role and are a vital part of a meal, many which are featured in Paris food tour itineraries.

Cultures It Has Influenced

The world has been greatly inspired by the dishes of this country. You’ll find traces of it in America where crêpes, fondue, and roux are made in many kitchens. Cassoulet is also gaining in popularity due to its use of re-using leftover ingredients so they don’t go to waste.

In Vietnam, its influence can be widely seen as well. Many meals here include coffee, typical French vegetables (like potatoes and carrots), and baguettes. The chocolate croissant is also very popular.

In Mexico you’ll find that this cuisine has inspired a love of wine. In fact, it has become so widespread that this drink is even served at breakfast! This is so popular here that it is known as “la comida afrancescada” or “Frenchified cooking”.

While it can sometimes depend on your taste, overall, French cooking can easily be seen as being one of the best cuisines in the world. It’s traditional, yet modern and is bold in its culinary experiments. It doesn’t waste food, but rather comes up with new recipes to incorporate old ingredients. The meals also focus on using fresh and local products which means there’s no hormones and preservatives put into the food. Because of this, it has remained one of the best in the world because it’s seen as an art, rather than just something to fulfill one’s appetite.

Source: LeFoodist