Threpsi – More Than Just Nourishment

Olive oil has been more than mere food to the peoples of the Mediterranean: it has seen medicinal and aesthetic uses, while also being the fountain of great wealth and power for those involved in its justifiably lucrative trade. Especially the Koroneiki variety, internationally acclaimed as the finest of all, endowed with exceptional aroma and taste, has always produced exceptional olive oil.

One company, “Mediterranean Threpsi”, nutrition or nourishment in Greek, aims to leave up to these high standards by providing its customers with a Protected Designation of Origin extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata. By their own words: “For 4 generations, we have left our trees as nature created them with no watering, chemicals or mixing with other oils or different varieties of olive oil.” The result is olives hand collected and cold extracted within 24 hours from harvesting, which makes for extra vigin olive oil of very low acidity, at about 0.2%-0.5%. As far as EVOO goes, the lower the acidity, the better the quality, which why to be graded as EVOO olive oil shouldn’t exceed 0.8% acidity. To make sure everything is on par with regulations it is frequently tested for quality by Fresenius Institute in Germany and the Greek Chemistry Department.