Monoxilitis – Olive Groves From The Garden Of Virgin Mary

Extra virgin olive oil is the most qualitative product in the Mediterranean diet. Daily consumption is a must for healthy eating. According to archaeological references, the first olive oil production has been recorded back in 4,000 BC. Historically, and beyond its nutritional value, its use is also known in other applications, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, while it has a special place in Christian Orthodox ceremonies. Its beneficial properties make it a uniquely important product for the human health as it has been linked with the fight against cardiovascular and cerebral diseases, while the scientific research is continuously discovering new benefits.

Monoxilitis Mount AthosExtra Virgin Olive Oil” is made using selected olives from the Mount Athos olive groves in the monastery community of Northern Greece dating back centuries and produces only extra virgin olive oil through cold extraction, with rich nutritional value, velvety texture and flavor, perfect for any gastronomic creation.