Can someone turn pasta, a plain yet all-time favourite dish around the world, into a superfood? It seems one can. What “Gaia Greek” literally brings to the table is new ideas to adapt traditional authentic Greek recipes prepared with the purest local ingredients to new healthy eating habits. The goal, as stated by the producers themselves, is to let people around the globe enjoy the taste and health benefits of food which encapsulates the meditteranean diet.

The brand works to offer a winning combination. Healthy and high nutritional value products with a mindset for production flexibility and continuous quality controls. “Gaia Greek” prides itself on products with no preservatives, 100% natural, available for wholesale and retail buyers. To top it off the company can also produce pasta with any ingredients on demand. We did say they were flexible, didn’t we?

United we stand

It is foremost a family-run business located in Kiato of Korinthia, an agricultural area of Peloponnese since ancient times, which was established in 2012. “Gaia Greek” pasta is prepared in local workshops of average size creating a network of certified units with high quality produce.

Among their main products one can find premium pasta with goat milk, a dairy product with low fat content yet exceptional taste, eggs and other ingredients like whole and dicoccum wheat, spirulina, chickpeas, lentils, grass peas and lathourio, etc.

Focused on exports

Gaia Greek” has already made a foothold in the global food market by participating in international exhibitions, such as SIAL PARIS 2016, ANUGA 2017 and FOODEXPO ATHENS 2018.

While retaining a strong presence in the domestic market, the stated goal for “Gaia Greek” is to have its locally produced products distributed exclusively in foreign markets. To that end, “Gaia Greek” exports are already reaching USA and Germany. The company has secured an ISO 22000:2005 standard for their associate pasta producers as well as an FDA certification for exports across the Atlantic.