El Tilo – The Villuercas Geopark EVOO

cornicabra olive oil

The ”Sierra de las Villuercas” is a mountainous area in the province of Cáceres (west center Spain) that is part of the Montes de Toledo range. Along with the neighboring regions of Los Ibores and La Jara, it was recognized as a geopark by UNESCO in 2011. Villuercas-Ibores-Jara is part of the European Network and the UNESCO Global Network of Geoparks.

A geopark is defined as a well determined geographical area that presents geological features of special relevance, rarity or beauty, with a sustainable development strategy for the local communities that are comprised in it. The Villuercas has a centuries old olive tradition. In the little town of Bohonal de Ibor, the Santos family carefully cultivates the nine thousand olive trees on their farm. The farm is named El Tilo (The Linden) by an ancient specimen of this tree species that has witnessed their tireless dedication to farming and the practice of sustainable agriculture. Abundant in junipers, holm oaks and cork oaks and inhabited by deer, wild boar and Iberian lynx, this extraordinary natural environment is ideal for the thriving of olive trees of the cornicabra variety, native to the area and perfectly adapted to the mountain climate and the orography of the terrain. The cornicabra olive cultivar is the most traditional and representative of central Spain. However is still very little known internationally.

Cornicabra olive oils are very fruity and aromatic. Furthermore, they are very rich in oleic acid, natural antioxidants and other minor components of high biological value. They are, therefore, extremely healthy and highly resistant to oxidation, which translates into a long shelf life.

Aceites El Tilo firm was founded three years ago to market, under the brand of the same name, early harvest EVOOs obtained exclusively from the olives of the family farm.

El Tilo cornicabra olive oil is characterized by their fragrant olive fruitiness of medium-high intensity, with green and ripe aromas reminiscent of olive leaf, almond and apple. On the palate they are slightly sweet at the start, followed by agreeable well balanced notes of bitterness and pungency of medium intensity, and a long nutty aftertaste.

Due to its robust sensory profile, El Tilo is ideal to accompany foods with a defined or intense flavor, such as red meat, veal or rabbit, cured cheeses and some fish with a marked flavor such as cod.

It is also ideal as a dressing for green salads of bitter leaves, for the preparation of tomato sauces, marinades, pasta dishes or toasts with oil. It is also perfect for sprinkling on cooked or grilled vegetables such as eggplant, broccoli or green asparagus, and to finish, vegetables dishes and many other stews.

El Tilo olive oil has obtained its first international award at the eighteenth edition of the “Concours International Des Huiles Du Monde” held in Paris last May organized by the AVPA (The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products).