Liepouris – The Wine King Of Attica

Liepouris Winery - Savatiano Blanc Dry

“The king of wines” they call it and rightly so. The historic white dry wine variety of Savvatiano is native to Mesogeia region of Attica in Greece and among the most cultivated in the local vineyards, while also being awarded the status of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Vinification of Savvatianο wine is conducted using the most modern methods, which ensure that the end product is sure to win over even the most demanding wine enthusiast who has the chance to taste it.

Liepouris Winery

Aged for up to 5 years, the taste of “Liepouris Winery Savatiano” is cool and pleasant, with an increased aromatic intensity of yellow fruits, freshly sowed crops, a round mouth and balanced presence. Mesogeia nature is very generous in providing it with a bright color, shiny blonde with deep green shades. It excellently accompanies white meat, cheese, seafood, fish, pasta and fruit.