The decision of the company GRAMAR – Delizie Siciliane to undertake this activity in a more incisive way arises not only from the desire to resurface and regain traditions inherited over time but also from the decided purpose of introducing genuine and authentic products on the market, characterized by exclusive organoleptic peculiarities distinguished by the aromas, aromas and flavors of our Sicily. They guarantee:

  • We select only the best fruits.
  • Craftsmanship, checks at all stages.
  • Modern technologies respecting tradition.
  • Maximum compliance with hygiene standards.
  • Customer care. For any information we are always available.
  • Our spreadable creams have a fineness of 8 microns.
  • We are always looking for the best raw materials.
  • Every year there is always something new.

Sicilian Delicacies

Gramar-logo About Global Food WorldThe Bronte pistachio, a very fine fruit, has a unique color that makes it comparable in quality and taste to that produced in other countries, and for this reason it is considered the green gold of agricultural production and Mediterranean cuisine. Since the second half of the nineteenth century, the species of Arab origin has had its ideal humus in the Bronte area. The peculiarity of this cultivation, a peculiarity that specifies the highly original and difficult to imitate trait is that it takes place on a volcanic soil, characterized mainly by rocks that surface on the surface, creating not a few obstacles to the operations indispensable for cultivation determining high production costs.

The company’s decision to undertake this activity in a more incisive way arises not only from the desire to resurface and regain traditions inherited over time but also from the resolute purpose of bringing genuine, authentic and, for that very high quality products to the market . The production unit of the GRAMAR company is dedicated to the production, processing and processing of dried fruit, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts, for the production of semi-finished products useful for the preparation of dishes and desserts for restaurants and pastry shops.

The idea stems from the fact that, since they have been cultivators of pistachio plantations for several generations, it was decided to move the processing and processing of pistachio, a typical Sicilian product of the province of Catania, DOP production of the municipality of Bronte, in the town of Acquedolci, a small town of the Nebrodis in the province of Messina, where the same company owns a property fund.

The processing plant of dried fruit foresees that the raw material (pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts) are vacuum packed in order to make the preservation of the fruit more durable both in flavor and in aromas, with shell and without shell, for use also natural product. For the transformation, instead, it is foreseen the realization of sweet and savory creams, of delicious seasonings of appetizers, of first and second courses and of various sweets elaborated taking exclusively account of ancient confectionary recipes for a refined exaltation of this Sicilian specialty.

For the realization of the product to be consumed naturally it is necessary to use:

  1. a) a grinder to chop the product and select the different grain sizes;gramar
  2. b) a bell-shaped vacuum packaging machine for the preparation of the various packages.

For the realization of patés and creams the use of:

  1. a) a vacuum cutter that mince the pistachio almost to make it floury and mix it with the other ingredients until obtaining a homogeneous cream without dispersing the fragrance and aroma of the product and without altering its organoleptic properties;
  2. b) a volumetric doser for a convenient and quick filling;
  3. c) an automatic screwdriver with a descending head for the hermetic sealing of the jars;
  4. d) a sterilizer to ensure the tightness of the cans and above all their excellent preservation;
  5. e) a shrink wrapper for packaging jars in multiple packs.

The company, from the environmental point of view, will not produce any kind of pollution, it will not produce fumes emissions and as far as waste water is concerned, they will derive from the washing of the pieces of machinery after normal use and will be conveyed in an underground biological pit . The objective of the company with this development project is to realize a production of typical Sicilian specialties, addressed to the gastronomic and food sector, ensuring excellent quality and a wide availability of the product.