Filia Gi – More Than White Wine

Assyrtiko is a white wine grape indigenous to the island of Santorini in Greece. It is widely planted in the arid volcanic-ash-rich soil of Santorini and other Aegean islands but can also be found in other regions of Greece. Plantations of Assyrtiko have shown incredible resistance to Phylloxera, making it the only European grape vine known to be resistant to wine blight. Assyrtiko grapes clusters are large, with transparent yellow-gold skin and juicy flesh. In the volcanic soil of Santorini, there appear to be some unique characteristics that develop in the grape variety, and therefore in the wine.

One of these characteristics is that Assyrtiko does not lose its acidity even if it is very ripe. The Assyrtiko wine is for people looking for white wines with unconventional, bold style. A product of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), “Assyrtiko Blanc” from Filia in Karditsa, Greece, offers a hint of lemon blossom and peach flavour combined with the characteristic acidity of its variety, which render it a special wine of distinguishing bright yellow color. It is harvested from 100% assyrtiko grapes at “Filia Gi” vineyards close to Smokovos lake.