Eleokarpos – Dressing Your Dishes Healthly

Eleokarpos Kleolia Organic Beet & Bergamot Dip/Dressing

The nutritional value of olive oil is undeniable and widely appreciated. Little known yet is the fact that it can also enhance other flavours acting as the basis for a variety of culinary products. That is why producers are always looking for innovative ways and ideas to incorporate olive oil in new recipes.

That is the case with Eleokarpos Kleolia Organic Beet and Bergamot Dip / Dressing, a handmade product of unique fine taste based on high quality organic olive oil from “Eleokarpos” company in the Greek island of Euboea. This dressing also consists of carefully selected Greek herbs and fruits, which ideally accompany fried foods, rice and vegetables. All-natural and healthy, this dip offers a smooth and delicate flavour, deep red colour, sweet & spicy with hins of bergamot and oregano scent. A sure winner among children and vegetarians.