Vantana – Ouzo The Way Grandpa Made It

Vantana Distillery - Ouzo Aenaon

The undisputed champion of Greek spirits, the drink that is immediately associated with Greek summer in the minds of consumers across the planet, ouzo is by no means a mass produced drink. Contrary to popular belief, which considers it notorious for its tongue-ravaging flavor and for inflicting devastating hangovers on Greek island parties, a premium ouzo should be smooth. It takes dedication and staying true to traditional recipes for a distiller to succeed in such a worthy goal.

Vantana Distillery in the port-city of Patras seems to have unlocked this secret being in the business since 1904 and continues to this day to make their ouzo with love and passion, after qualitative distillation of anise, fennel and other aromatic seeds, the way their grandfather did it. There is a reason it is called “Aenaon”, eternal in Greek, maintaining a fine aroma and unique flavor.