Global Food World as an official partner of KAE PANATHINAIKOS undertook in collaboration with the commercial director of KAE, the organization of the event for the completion of the 2020-2021 season.
GFW, having in its portfolio over 90 Greek fine food producers and covering a wide range of needs in the food supply sector, undertook the sponsorship of quality food products which were consumed during the event and left the best impressions on its players, sponsors and management!
This brilliant event took place with absolute success at …. 11/… 6/ 2021 and time… 21:00 at the restaurant’s place of OCEANIS in Kavouri Attica, an ideal environment for food, drink, coffee and swimming in the sea.
Hellas Food World and Global Food World were represented by HFW CEO Sofia Vana.


The selected producers who took part in the event were the following:


Gusto Dairy specializes in the production and distribution of dairy products and more specifically white and yellow cheese, analogue cheese and food service products. The company started its operations in 2004 and has managed in a short while to become known in the field, offering high quality products and implementing modern production methods. The company’s management carries a working experience of over 30 years in the field and strictly follows the following strategy: variety of products-high quality environmental respect since the beginning of its operations.


The company “Pork of Epirus – VERGOS” is based in Epirus, and operates as one of the VERGOS companies whose activities include mainly the primary production of pork and animal feed, the marketing of exclusively Greek meat (wholesale and retail), and constitute a vertical chain of production, processing and marketing of meat in Greece. The activities of VERGOS family started in 1973 with the breeding of pigs on farms in the semi-mountainous Epirus, in a natural and absolutely clean environment without human activities.
Today, the premises of all enterprises consist, apart from the farms, from a feed factory for the preparation of food mixtures for marketing but also for own use (since 1997), slaughterhouse installation,processing unit and meat and sausage standardization and meat retail stores in Epirus and in Western Macedonia .


In 2009 we created the first vertical unit for the production of snails and their products in Greece. Escargot de Crete to this day owns dozens of innovations that render it unique in the world. Some of them is the concentration of allantoin in the produced secretion exceeds the amount of 25 mg/Kg which is much higher than the global competition and the production of secretion with a percentage of elastin greater than 0.9%. We use a unique way of collecting snail secretion without harming snails in the process and we choose to proceed to collection of secretions from a specific group of young snails to obtain a stronger secretion.


The Company Rawyal is the first Greek company that specializes in the exclusive production of plant-based, premium, organic and unprocessed snacks. Founded in 2016 in order to create and offer high quality organic premium products able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.
If nourishing your mind, body and soul is your goal, than we got you covered!
We choose only the finest, purest and organic raw ingredients to create raw-vegan treats free of added sugars, preservatives and chemicals.


Family tasty secrets, sweet memories and love for tradition were the three main factors that inspired and prompted her to spread the homemade delicacies to the store shelves.
We have already conquered the Greek market and their products have fairly gained their place to some of the most well-reputed delicatessens, hotels and restaurants both in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as to some stores in province. Our products have been awarded several times and they have been selected from some of the most popular Greek chefs. In total, Goumenisses’ products can be found in more than 300 stores in Greece.


Our family has been caring for bees since 1988 with respect for nature and tradition.
The rich flora of Greece and the nomadic beekeeping that we apply, are a guarantee for the quality and taste of our products. We choose semi-mountainous and mountainous areas away from crops, so that they remain pure. So we wanted to share with you these flavors that accompany us on our every trip throughout Greece, from the slopes of Olympus to the shores of the Ionian Islands.


The TROFEAS company is a traditional small industry of handmade products. The TROFEAS VEGAN line, includes a variety of products in which no animal byproducts were used in the making process. Our traditional methods and our love towards hand-made products, leads us in constantly searching of fresh and superb quality ingredients, so that our final product would be considered to be of a “home made” quality .Our vision is to offer new pastry products of high nutritional value, healthy/beneficial for the consumer and friendly for the environment. Putting our efforts to constantly improve the taste and quality of our products and being focused on that goal we work and……CREATE!