Oi Goumenisses – Petimezi, Traditional Grape Syrup

Family tasty secrets, sweet memories, and love for tradition were the three main factors that inspired and prompted her to spread the homemade delicacies to the store shelves. We have already conquered the Greek market and their products have fairly gained their place to some of the most well-reputed delicatessens, hotels, and restaurants both in Athens and Thessaloniki and some stores in province. Our products have been awarded several times and they have been selected by some of the most popular Greek chefs. In total, Goumenisses’ products can be found in more than 300 stores in Greece.


The traditional petimezi or fine as they call it in Cyprus is prepared by the traditional method. The grapes are collected from the field and in 24 hours boil in an open cauldron. It is used as a sugar substitute in various types of foods such as pastries, and sweets, in dishes with meats, fish, vegetables, dressings, etc. Add it to milk, tea, coffee, juices, yogurt, ice cream, cereals, crepes, waffles, and also to your culinary and sweet creations.