Samaria Water from Crete – Every Athlete’s Choice

Samaria Sport Mineral Water

Ever since Roman times, mineral water from Samaria gorge springs in what is today Chania prefecture of the Greek island Crete, was considered of such high quality as to justify the construction of an aqueduct, the remains of which near the ancient town of Aptera can still been seen. The only thing that has changed ever since is the technology by which it is pumped and filtered and the scope of its reach as a product.

Samaria Sport Mineral Water” is drawn from private wells strictly in the region of the White Mountains, an area rich in natural resources. It then passes through two arrays of filters, without being subjected to chemical treatment or exposure to radiation for consolidation, thus maintaining its natural character and physicochemical characteristics intact. Along with an innovative PET Bottle for easy access, it is a perfect choise for athletes in desperate need of hydration.