Arosis – Put Some Healthy Colour In Your Diet

The coloured giant beans from western Macedonia in Greece are a local variety with unique characteristics, distinguished by the large size of beans and their purple-black colour. In fact, compared to white beans they are more nutritional, as they contain extra antioxidants and a unique taste. They are here to put some healthy colour in your diet. This variety of beans is mostly grown around the Prespa and Kastoria lakes areas; areas of unique beauty and long tradition in the cultivation of excellent quality beans. The cultivation takes place in small family farms at an altitude of 700 to 860 metres. “ArosisGreek Colored Giant Beans from Western Macedonia” is a certified product of pure terroir, carefully selected and 100% natural to put some healthy colour in your diet. They are thin-skinned and thus easy to boil, offering delicious taste. Coloured giant beans play a vital role as protein source, a nutrient dense food and antioxidant, while also leading to a better heart health, reduced risk of cancer, regulating diabetes and glucose metabolism, preventing fatty liver and controlling appetite.