Filia Gi – Rediscovering Greek Red Wine

Limniona is a very promising, rediscovered red wine variety originating from Thessalia, and more specifically Karditsa and Tirnavos regions. Due to its great potential, Limniona is now grown in many parts of Greece, often in experimental vineyards. Limniona is among the rare red varieties that yield refined wines which are dense and rich, high in acidity and yet don’t feel dull, thick or overpowering. Wines from this variety have an extremely deep, vibrant red color, rich nose with aromas of dark fruit, spice and earthiness. Wines from Limniona are excellent with beef and almost all red meat-based dishes. Time is kind on these wines that can easily age for at least a decade. That description fits “Limniona Red” wine from “Filia Gi” company like a glove, since it has an extremely deep and vivid dark red color and is rich in taste, with intense scent, fruity and spicy flavours combined with vanilla, butter and wood, as a result of the wine aging in wooden barrels.