To Niotiko – Recipe For Success

When a cheese from a small, family-run dairy plant in one of the Aegean islands of Greece becomes a critically acclaimed best-seller in European food markets, then they must be doing something right. That product is a graviera, a Greek gruyere-like cheese usually made with goat and sheep milk, from the island of Ios. “Homer’s Trilogy” is a semi-hard cheese of “To Niotiko” family business, with rich aromatic flavour and sweetish taste. The mellow taste and refined aroma come as a result of mixing three types of locally produced milk, goat, sheep and cow, hence the name “trilogy” and the distinguishing factor among other Greek graviera cheeses. Ingredients also include: rennet, culture blend and salt. It serves as a great escort to red wine, but is equally appreciated as grated cheese over salads or pasta.