Filema – Wholegrain Means Healthy Food

Bread sticks, even if they are fresh and crispy, made from the best Greek wholegrain wheat flour, are nowhere near a novelty product. So, what is it that could make such a product from a newly-founded company in Athens stand out? Let’s hear what people at “Filema” have to say about it: “Here at Filema Goods, innovation is our business. We want to make a huge impact and leave the world a better place than we found it, thus we tailor our approach to each market in order to reflect the needs of the community by offering them the best quality on our products including the innovaton of the wet wipe”. What they are referring to is that all snacks’ packaging includes a wet wipe for usage before and after the meal. This way, you can enjoy a homemade snack of premium quality and carefully selected raw materials, processed with the utmost care, care-free.