Cretan Spirulina Greenhouse

According to the lastest available data, global spirulina market is expected to reach USD 238.3 million by 2022, at an average growth rate of 7.1% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2022. This strong growth pattern in recent years is majorly due to growing demand for natural food colours, increasing vegetarianism, stringent regulations regarding the inclusion of synthetic colours and flavours, and growing malnutrition across parts of the globe.

Impressive though the numbers may be for what is essentially a blue-green algae coming from the natural phytoplankton of (sub)tropical alkaline lakes, most impressive is the nutritional value and health benefits of a product truly worthy of the title “superfood”.

Fountain of life

Cretan Spirulina Greenhouse

Spirulina is a microalga, i.e. not visible to the naked eye but only under a microscope, with a long recorded history of its use as wholesome nutrition by local populations across the globe. Its name derives from its shape which is usually spiral. It is a primordial organism which appeared on Earth about 3.5 billion years ago and belongs to a group of microorganisms, algae, thanks to the photosynthesis of which the Earth’s atmosphere was created and, as a result, the emergence of life on the planet was made possible.


Spirulina contains in large quantities a non-animal, complete protein of the best quality, rich in essential aminoacids. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fats, antioxidants and active polysaccharides, making it an excellent choise of nutrition. The scientific bibliography provides strong evidence for its role as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and immuno-regulatory substance. The combination of so many nutrients is what makes spirulina a superfood.

100% Greek

As with every major consumer trend, when there is great profit to be made, products appear on the market making commitments they do not deliver upon. The answer to such claims is an all-natural spirulina product made in one of the most pristine regions of the planet, the Greek island of Crete.

“Cretan Spirulina” is available in its authentic form, that of flakes, without having undergone any processing or addition of other substances. Its drying is performed 100% naturally in the bright Greek sun and, most importantly, on the same day of collection giving it a crispy, pleasant taste and odour.