Moraitis – Chicken, cheese and bacon. Just roll with it!

Chicken dishes means easily digestible food, low in fat and full of protein, offering nourishment in a delicious package. Rich in proteins of high biological value, as is the case with egg yolk and milk, chicken is one of the best foods choises. The combination of low commercial and high nutritional value is unbeatable, which is why it is consumed in large quantities worldwide and cooked in various ways. In fact, the first recorded wholesale tansaction involving chicken meat was made in USA in 1934 and total sales approached 30,000 tons annually. Recent recordings reach almost 35,000 tons a day!

Chicken fat is much more “friendly” and useful than that of beef. Chicken meat has more essential unsaturated fatty acids than beef’s saturated fats. The beef-meat-equal weight is three times the amount of fat, to be precise. Major problems, however, arise from the way the meat is cooked. That is why a healthy product that does not compromise in flavour is sure to be a winner in consumers’ hearts. Chicken products from the Greek poultry company “Moraitis” aim to fill this market gap. One such example is its “Chicken Roll with Cheese and Bacon”, conveniently portioned for either individual or family consumption.