The Apokoronian Origins – Healing Herbs

Cretan dittany has been renowned since antiquity for its medicinal properties, prescribed by the father of medicine Hippocrates himself and mentioned favorably for its beneficial attributes on health by Aristotle. Native only to the Cretan mountains, it grows in mountainsides and gorges and is also known as “erotas”, greek for cupid’s love, as only the most ardent young would venture to climb to such dangerous lengths to collect a bunch of its pink blooms and present it as a love token!

Traditionally cultivated and organically grown, it is collected when aromas and essential oils are at their peak. Only the best parts of the plant are carefully selected. That is why it has always been a basic ingredient of the Cretan diet and well-being. “The ApokoronianCretan Organic Dittany” is a 100% natural and unprocessed product, which rightfully claims to be healthy and therapeutic. Ideal as a soothing, healing beverage as well as a cooking herb, as well as a certified product of organic farming.