Critida – Smooth Is What Cretan Olive Oil Is All About

Organic or biological olive oil is a unique olive oil produced in the southern part of the Greek island of Crete. It displays a bright green colour and a very pronounced savour and aroma. Picking and squeezing process of the olives excludes the use of any chemical product whether in fertilizing the soil or combating parasites. This method results in a 100% natural, juicy fruit and Cretan olive oil of excellent quality. “CritidaOrganic EVOO 0.2% Acidity” olive oil is one such example and is packaged in such a way as to maintain all of its vitamins and aroma. This certified biological product is made during the very first pressing of the olives, resulting in no more than 0.5% acidity and is famous for having superior taste.

The lower the percentage of oleic acid, the higher the quality of the olive oil. The degree of acidity in extra virgin olive oil refers to the proportion of free fatty acids, not to the taste. To be truly great, extra virgin olive oil it must be virtually free of acidity. The higher the content of oleic acid the more unpleasant is the flavor of the oil.