Filema – Snacks Should Not Be Boring

Bread sticks are commonly served with soups, as part of the bread basket. In fine dining, bread sticks are served with tossed salads, spaghetti etc. Snacks should not be boring. They can also be combined with ingredients like Prosciutto to form classical starters. They are often offered at wine tasting sessions to cleanse the palate in between tasting wines. But what about flavoured bread sticks, especially with cranberry? “Filema Breadsticks Cranberry” is a Greek product aiming to elevate a usually blunt taste by combining salty and sweet flavor, while taking advantage of the superfoods’ high nutritions. Filema cranberries are everpresent nowadays as a healthy option, due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content and low calorie count. Premium patented packaging of the product includes wet wipe for usage before and after the meal.