Filema – Superfood Snack Made Fun And Easy

“Our mission is to inspire healthier eating by connecting individuals to real food products. We know that Filema Goods is a critical link between producers and consumers. Keeping that in mind, we are commited to support Greek producers who are farming sustainably, to create transparency around what’s in your food and where it came from, and to create more accessibility to healthy, real food for everyone around the world”. That is how “Filema” company in Athens, established at the start of 2019, introduces its goji berry-infused honey bar. A traditional Greek recipe paired with “the berry of hapiness” or “red treasure” as it is otherwise known due to its beneficial effect on health and longevity. A gluten-free product with natural sweeteners, no additives and no preservatives. It’s a superfood snack. Premium patented packaging includes wet wipe for usage before and after the meal.