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Arosis – Pulses and Legumes

What benefits the mind, also benefits the body. That realization is deeply rooted in Greek culture throughout the ages. As ancient Greek philosophers explained, “there is no real difference between a cook and a poet, since the art of both caters to one's spirit”.

The Apokoronian Origins – Balsamic Dressing

Balsamic vinegar dressing is a mainstay of Cretan diet, the source of what is internationally known as “Mediterranean diet”. Most local products in the largest Greek island are inspired by old, in fact ancient, Cretan recipes and made from fine Cretan wine. That is how “The Apokoronian White Balsamic Dressing” is made...

Eleokarpos – Dressing Your Dishes Healthly

The nutritional value of olive oil is undeniable and widely appreciated. Little known yet is the fact that it can also enhance other flavours acting as the basis for a variety of culinary products. That is why producers are always looking for innovative ways and ideas to incorporate olive oil in new recipes.

Fragiadakis – Golden Jewel Honey

When hearing the phrase “meditteranean diet” what are the products that first spring to mind? Olive oil and honey, both of which consist a mainstay in agricultural production of Crete, the largest Greek island.

Cretan Spirulina – Power Flakes From Crete

Micro climate in the Rethymno region of Crete, the largest Greek island, is ideal for the cultivation of spirulina due to the intense sunshine throughout the year. Sun, fresh potable water of the ponds and clean air of Crete have their own separate effect, resulting in each granule of locally produced spirulina being rich...

Tanis Foods – Fresh Ideas On Frozen Food

Frozen food is generally considered of lower quality standards than fresh products, fit for mass consumption and attractive only due to its lower price tag.

Fragiadakis – Cretan Thyme Honey

“ALFA” stands for the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It is also indicative of the premium quality of honey that the Greek island of Crete presents to the global market. White thyme, dittany of Crete, pine, sage and thyme are but a small fraction of the flora that offers Cretan bees...

Vantana – Ouzo The Way Grandpa Made It

The undisputed champion of Greek spirits, the drink that is immediately associated with Greek summer in the minds of consumers across the planet, ouzo is by no means a mass produced drink. Contrary to popular belief, which considers it notorious for its tongue-ravaging flavor and for inflicting devastating hangovers on Greek island parties...

Liepouris – The Wine King Of Attica

“The king of wines” they call it and rightly so. The historic white dry wine variety of Savvatiano is native to Mesogeia region of Attica in Greece and among the most cultivated in the local vineyards, while also being awarded the status of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Gold Metamorphosis – Traditional Olive Oil

Olive oil from groves tended to by monks for hundreds of years, with all the dedication and thoroughness their religious duty entails, is what “Gold Metamorphosis” company in Molaous of Laconia in Greece brings to your table. These monks chose the best locations for planting on hilly slopping terrain...

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